Completion of antibacterial/antiviral coating processing on board

Dear customer,

Thank you for your continued support of our route business.
In order for our customers to use our products with peace of mind, we would like to inform you that the safe anti-photocatalytic coating on the ship has been sequentially carried out antibacterial and antiviral processing, and all the vessels owned by our company have been completed on August 4th.

1. Implementation details
The coating process was carried out by spraying an inorganic solvent (Ecochimera), which continuously reduces and suppresses specific bacteria and viruses, including the handrails and seats with which customers come into contact, and the entire ship.

Although the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has not been confirmed, it has been shown that it is effective against the same envelope viruses, influenza viruses (H1N2 and N3N2).
*Confirmed effect
・Antibacterial action・・・E. coli
Staphylococcus aureus, etc.
・Antiviral effect・・・Influenza virus
Cat calicivirus
▼ (Norovirus substitute)

August 11, 2020
Kyushu Yusen Co., Ltd.